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I bet you didn't know UserDot started as Binary Arts, about 7 years ago. Or that, over the next years, it became Binary Labs and Code Purity. Regardless of the name being used, it was still the same thing : my personal space where you could read my ramblings, checkout the latest scripts/applications/documentation, play silly games or just get to know me. If it did matter for you, of course.

Yes, this place was the front seat row in case you wanted to see XennoBB and his cousin, Revo Forum, HelixBlog, HelixBoard, Sprout, phpSQLiteAdmin or the Shooter Firefox extension in action.

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We build systems like the Wright brothers built airplanes - build the whole thing, push it off the cliff, let it crash, and start over again.

Scott Rosenberg

About this site

Marius Stanciu - is the website of Marius Stanciu - Sergiu, a web design and development professional from Bucharest, Romania. He likes to express his own opinions on everything, so if you feel hostility towards him, please close this browser window.

He is an Apple enthusiast but hates computers, he loves listening to good music and playing with his two pugs, or just spend quality time with his beloved wife.

Oh, and he likes to talk about himself at 3rd person.

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  • Io-te-te ce e-mail primii azi de la Danut Martis Labis zis si 'Taranu de pe Cucova' :

    Buna ziua dl.Marius

    V-am trimis acum...

    Marius, 20. November, 2010 |

  • vera
    Buna,ma numesc Vera si am lucrat si eu la fabuloasa firma(k receptionera la unul din saloanele se masaj,mai exact la Jade Palace) si...

    vera, 09. March, 2010 |

  • Dani
    Nu, sunt tot acolo, dar pregatesc alte "lovituri" pe piata online-ului romanesc. Daca te cheama la interviu si auzi Activstudio sau...

    Dani, 30. November, 2009 |

  • Alessia
    Vad ca au cam disparut din online, probabil pregatesc un "re-branding", aveti grija la Dan Martis asta, pare un tip deosebit de dubios.

    Alessia, 29. November, 2009 |

  • Kiku
    Mardaghe, lasa-ne traiti-ar mata si vaca, sau invers ... scuteste-ne de prostia ta, ca te stiu bine si nu ne duci cu zaharelul. Nu ma mai...

    Kiku, 10. August, 2009 |